1. How can I get only open access ressources?

Calenda and Hypotheses

All the Calenda and Hypotheses documents are available in open access. You can get these documents using the set that match the platforms. More info: Sets description

Calenda: https://oai.openedition.org/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&set=events

Hypotheses: https://oai.openedition.org/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&set=blogs

For ressources from OpenEdition Journals and OpenEdition Books, you can:

use the openaire set (Journals and Books)

This set lists only open access records. More info: Sets description

OpenAIRE: https://oai.openedition.org/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&set=openaire

use dc:rights or dcterms:accessRights while harvesting (all platforms)

For each record, the dc.rights element (oai_dc format) and the dcterms:accessRights element (qdc format) provides the access policy of the document.

See 4. dc:rights and 7. dcterms:accessRights for details

Open access document (qdc): https://oai.openedition.org/?verb=GetRecord&identifier=oai:revues.org:anthropologiesante/2918&metadataPrefix=qdc

Restricted access document (qdc): https://oai.openedition.org/?verb=GetRecord&identifier=oai:books.openedition.org:pufr/10095&metadataPrefix=qdc

2. How can I harvest all documents from OpenEdition Journals?

Use the set journals and the metadataPrefix oai_dc or qdc to get all documents (issues, articles, reviews): https://oai.openedition.org/?verb=ListRecords&set=journals&metadataPrefix=qdc

Use the set journals and metadataPrefix mets to get only issues (with links to each articles inside the mets structMap element): https://oai.openedition.org/?verb=ListRecords&set=journals&metadataPrefix=mets

See the following sections for details:

3. How can I harvest a specific journal or blog?

Use one of a following method to find and harvest a specific set: Find a set

4. Sample queries?

Retrieving general information about the repository:


Listing available sets:


Retrieving all documents metadata from all platforms, in Qualified Dublin Core format:


Retrieving all metadata from Calenda added since 1 January 2013, in Qualified Dublin Core format:


Retrieving all documents of Journal of TEI, in METS format:


Listing the documents’ identifiers of the Publications de l’École française de Rome available in qdc format:


Listing the available metadata formats for a post in the academic blog The Recipes Project: