Sets description

Available sets

One set for each platform:

  • journals: records from OpenEdition Journals

  • books: records from OpenEdition Books

  • blogs: records from Hypotheses

  • events: records from Calenda

One extra set for records relevant to OpenAIRE

  • openaire

One set for each “publication” (Journal, Blog, Book Publisher)

  • journals:[journalID]: records from a specific journal. Ex. journals:chs

  • books:[publisherID]: records from a specific book publisher. Ex. books:pur

  • blogs:[blogID]: records from a specific blog. Ex. blogs:cpa

  • Not applicable for Calenda

Find a set

There are several ways to find the identifier of a set:

From OAI ListSets

The complete list of Sets is available in the repository using the OAI verb ListSets. The repository displays 10 sets per page. Use the resumptionToken parameter to display the next page.

From publication URL

You can infer the set identifier of a publication (journal, blog…) from its URL.







From Kbart Coverage List

For OpenEdition Journals publications, the [journalID] is available in our Kbart coverage list: (title_id column)

Set = journals:[journalID]

Sample queries